Asphalt Overlay Services

As one method of asphalt repair, Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. can install an asphalt overlay on top of an existing pavement to provide a solution to minor asphalt problems. 

Asphalt Overlay Process

The paving experts at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. follow the industry standards when installing an asphalt overlay.  The correct preparation is essential for maximizing the overlay performance. 

  • Work begins by preparing the area for the asphalt overlay.  This includes repairing any damaged areas of the pavement, and adjusting the elevations of adjacent surfaces and utility structures, if needed. 

  • The entire area is then thoroughly cleaned and treated with a tack coat to create a secure bond between the old asphalt and the new.  As an optional, but often used step, geotextile fabric reinforcement can be laid down as well.

  • Next, if necessary, pre-leveling with asphalt is performed to correct any distortions in the existing surface. This is an important step, as it can be difficult to smooth out ruts by simply varying overlay thicknesses.

  • Hot mix asphalt, typically an average depth of 1 ½-2 inches, is then laid over the prepared area.  The layer is compacted and rolled to create a smooth and firm finish.

  • Finally, to complete the process, the edges of the asphalt overlay are sealed with liquid asphalt.  This creates a smooth transition between the repaired portion and the existing pavement as well as creates a seal through which moisture cannot penetrate.

Asphalt Overlay Benefits

  • Asphalt overlay is less costly than complete asphalt removal and replacement

  • Extends the life of existing pavement

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Adds structural stability

  • Provides a permanent moisture barrier

  • Improves smoothness of the surface

  • Adds aesthetic appeal to the property

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