Emergency Repairs

pothole repairBuckeye Asphalt Paving Co. has provided emergency repairs to the Toledo, Ohio area for over five decades.  We’ve worked with businesses, schools, churches, and government entities, to name a few, to help repair hazardous pavement issues that need to be addressed immediately.   These repairs typically address pothole development or catch basin damage.

Potholes Repair

For an emergency repair, which often needs to be done in the Winter when the asphalt plants are closed, a “cold patch” asphalt is used.  The material is placed in the hole and compacted with tampers and/or rolling with truck tires. This will not be as permanent a repair as that done with hot asphalt, but should perform well enough until it can be replaced with hot asphalt.  

storm sewer installationCatch Basin Repair

Catch basins are used to collect surface water from a pavement and carry it through a piping system away from the facility.  These structures can be built with precast concrete or cement block.  Often a “cave in” appears due to a leak in the adjacent piping or the structure itself.  To properly repair these problems, the damaged pavement is removed deep enough to perform the repair.  After repairing or replacing the damage to the structure, and surrounding area is backfilled with aggregate base and patched with either hot asphalt or “cold patch” asphalt, depending on the time of year. 


The professionals at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. will visit the site and determine what the problem is and how to fix it.  Since this type of problem can be a safety issue for employees and visitors to the site, the repairs will be barricaded immediately and typically repaired within 24 hours.

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