Geotextile Fabrics

As an optional component to the asphalt paving process, Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. can install specially designed geotextile fabrics in conjunction with an overlay. The paving fabric acts as reinforcement to the asphalt layers, while inhibiting reflective cracking and providing a valuable waterproofing benefit.

Geotextile fabric is a sheet of non-woven petroleum-based material that is placed between an existing layer of asphalt and the new asphalt overlay.  The addition of the fabric layer adds strength to the pavement, seals any cracks or blemishes on the existing layer of asphalt, and acts as a moisture barrier to protect the pavement from water infiltration.  This simple addition to the standard asphalt paving process provides many benefits to the stability and overall life of the asphalt.

Not every project being resurfaced is a candidate for fabric, as some pavements are too badly damaged to appreciate the benefits. The professionals at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. have the experience and can help you decide if the addition of geotextile fabric reinforcement is right for your unique application. 

Geotextile Fabric Installation Process

Prior to laying the geotextile fabric, the area must be properly prepared.  On an existing site, this may include removing severely damaged portions of the pavement, leveling any low areas, and thoroughly cleaning the area of dirt and debris.  A tack coat of approximately .25 gal/SY is applied to the area, the geotextile fabric is laid flat over the area, and then broomed into the liquid to form a waterproof membrane.  A minimum of 1.5 inches of hot asphalt covers the fabric and is compacted to meet the surrounding areas. 

Benefits of Geotextile Fabrics

  • Minimizes water penetration

  • Retards reflective cracking

  • Adds structural support

  • Outperforms and is more cost-effective than removal and replacement

  • Increases overall pavement life

  • Reduces pavement maintenance costs

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