Pavement Evaluation Services

pavement evaluationThe highly trained pavement experts at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. are happy to provide a free and professional pavement evaluation to determine the current condition and needs of your existing pavement.  We use decades of experience in the paving business to provide accurate and no-obligation pavement evaluations and assessments. 

Pavement Evaluation Process

We will visit your location and determine if your pavement needs preventive maintenance, some type of asphalt repair, or a complete rehabilitation.  Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your facility to assess the current pavement condition and drainage patterns, and determine what type of pavement is appropriate for your location. Considerations include load requirements for traffic, soil conditions, previous maintenance, and aesthetics.

By examining the many factors of an existing pavement site, we can create a plan detailing what work is needed immediately and what things can be done in the future to keep the asphalt area safe for your customers, tenants, employees, and visitors.  Our free and professional quotation can break down our recommendations into three areas: preventive measures, repairs, and major rehabilitation.

  • Preventive measures include pot hole patching, crack filling, and pavement sealing

  • Repairs can include surface patching, removing and replacing damaged areas, or an asphalt overlay

  • Major rehabilitation is typically a replacement of the total pavement and can include drainage improvements.


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