Pavement Maintenance

As a property manager or owner, the experts at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. understand that you have many responsibilities.  Other than the building, your parking facility could very well be your biggest concern.  To ensure continued, reliable service of your asphalt pavement, a well thought out pavement maintenance plan is essential.

pavement-maintenanceWhether you have a commercial, retail, or rental property, an attractive, well-maintained pavement will:

  • Project the proper curb appeal

  • Help to preserve property values

  • Keep tenants, customers & employees safe

  • Help prevent costly future rehabilitation cost

Maintaining Asphalt Pavement

There are many forces working against your pavement - freeze and thaw cycles, excessive moisture, oxidation from the sun, and heavy vehicle traffic, to name a few.  Proper and timely care will greatly reduce the life cycle cost of your pavement.  In fact, the Asphalt Institute has determined that it can cost up to five times as much to repair a neglected pavement as one that has been properly maintained. That is why it’s important to regularly address any distress issues.  If they are neglected they can become costly failure issues.

To ensure your pavement receives the maintenance it needs, a pavement analysis is helpful.  It will address the possible actions necessary to preserve your investment:

  1. Preventive measures - including pothole patching, crack filling, and sealing
  2. Asphalt repairs - surface patching, removing and replacing damaged areas, and an asphalt overlay
  3. Major rehabilitation - total reconstruction

Pavement Maintenance From Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co.

Your daily responsibilities require you to deal with many aspects of property management, and you may not have the time or comfort level to adequately plan for your pavement needs.  For that reason, it could be both helpful and cost-effective to hire an expert.

A knowledgeable asphalt contractor can analyze all aspects of your pavement including the original design, current condition, drainage needs, past maintenance work, and traffic factors.  Armed with that information it’s then quite easy to determine what needs to be done and when, what it may cost, and how best to plan for it.

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