Pavement Reconstruction

Some pavements have deteriorated to such a degree that any type of repair is no longer beneficial.  In these cases, the only practical treatment is total pavement reconstruction. 

Pavement Evaluation

The experts at Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. can determine whether or not your parking lot has progressed to this condition.  This process begins with analyzing what initial pavement was used, what type of repairs or maintenance were conducted in the past, and what type of loads are using your pavement. After reviewing these factors a proper design for the new pavement is established. 

Reconstruction Process

  • Removal of the existing pavement, both surface and base, and disposing of it off site

  • Properly preparing the subgrade and compacting to required density

  • Installing the new base courses, comprised of either an aggregate or asphalt base

  • Installing the new asphalt surface

Other Considerations

As with any type of work conducted on an existing site, Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. is careful to schedule the work to cause minimal disruption to our client’s facility.  We understand that both the safety and convenience of employees, customers, and visitors to a site is of utmost concern to the property owners.  We provide all of the necessary barricading and review the construction process in detail prior to commencing any work.

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