Pothole Repair

Buckeye Asphalt Paving Co. has provided pothole repair to the Toledo, Ohio area for over five decades.  We’ve worked with government entities including the cities of Toledo, Perrysburg, Rossford, Sylvania and Ottawa Hills, to name a few, to help repair potholes throughout the years.

Causes of Potholes

In Northwest Ohio, potholes occur quite often after the season freeze-thaw cycle takes place.  When snow and ice melts, the resulting water drains and often sits on the pavement.  If the pavement has cracks or other blemishes, the water can seep underneath the asphalt and into the sub-base and soil. 

As temperatures drop at night, the water freezes and expands.  The increase in volume forces the asphalt and thefoundation beneath the asphalt up and out of place.  When temperatures rise again, the ice melts and shrinks in volume, causing the pavement to dip.  As a result, a pothole forms in the area.

Pothole Repair Process

There are two types of pothole repair – a permanent repair and an emergency repair. To perform the permanent repair our crew of asphalt experts uses a technique which begins with first thoroughly cleaning and drying the area to remove any particles and moisture.  A hot tack coat of liquid asphalt is placed over the hole, then the asphalt is installed. Once filled, the asphalt for the pothole repair is compacted into the space and evened with the surrounding pavement.  As a final step, the area is sealed using liquid asphalt, emulsion, or rubberized crack filler to prevent moisture, which may have originally caused the hole, from entering the space again. 

For an emergency repair, which often needs to be done in the Winter when the asphalt plants are closed, a “cold patch” asphalt can be used.  The material is placed in the hole and compacted with tampers and/or rolling with truck tires. This will not be as permanent a repair as that done with hot asphalt, but should perform well enough until it can be replaced with hot asphalt.

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